E3: All Children are Welcome with Lisa Updike

Is your church an inviting place? How do you make every child feel welcome, accepted, and even wanted?  Join Lisa Updike, a member of CDM's Children's Ministry Team, as she shares about outreach and how you can make all the children in your community and their families feel welcome at your church. [...]

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E2: Bringing Parents on Board with Sue Jakes

Leading, assisting and including parents in the discipleship of their children requires a plan and some consistent practices in your church’s children’s ministry. On this episode, Sue Jakes, CDM's Children's Ministry Coordinator, talks about the importance of partnering with parents--because discipling children isn't something you can do alone. [...]

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E1: Casting Vision with Purpose with Sue Jakes

How do you cast a vision that communicates both the importance of your church’s ministry to children and the importance of the covenant in teaching the little ones? Join Sue Jakes, CDM’s Children’s Ministry Coordinator, as she shares some foundational things to consider. [...]

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E10: Loving God – Worship with Becky Sinclair

How do you teach the children in your church to be a part of corporate worship? Join Becky Sinclair, another member of CDM's Children's Ministry Team, as she shares about training children to worship because a true disciple of Jesus loves God and longs to worship Him.

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