What Will your Summer Festival Look Like?

While the world cheers on the 2021 Olympians, inspire your VBS Athletes to go the distance with Joshua, the great champion of the Bible who points us to Jesus! A few years ago, there was a terrible rumor going around.  VBS is becoming extinct!  Churches are just not doing it any longer. I am so [...]

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Focusing on the Future of the Church – Which way will we go?

Leadership Training Retreat 2021 Focusing on the Future of the Church – Which way will we go? Have you ever felt lonely in your role in children’s ministry?  Have you ever wondered where to go for training and tools to equip you in this important task?  Although at CDM we want to connect [...]

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You Are My Friends Article

You Are My Friends Article Article by Sue Jakes I remember when I first began teaching high school students thirty years ago. I was told never to smile before Christmas and to make sure they knew who was boss. I was quite young then, so there was “some” wisdom in those words. However, now [...]

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